Food 4 You Organic Barleygrass Powder 75 Gms

Food 4 You Organic Barleygrass Powder 75 Gms


  • Raw
  • Natural
  • Organic



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Our ancestors clearly knew this as well. The first known usage of barley grass was in 7000 BC, when it was used not just as a food, but also to treat health issues such as skin inflammation, liver problems and blood issues. It is even believed that ancient gladiators used barley grass to boost strength and endurance.

Nature provides us with life and can cure us, so it’s no wonder that many plants are truly ultimate superfoods that can be used, in one form or another, to make a number of highly effective drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why then, don’t more of us incorporate these super-healthy foods in our diet? If we did, we might not end up needing the medicines they produce!


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